Kernel With Recovery CWM/TWRP for Sony Xperia M2 Firmware 18.6.A.0.175 [UBL]

Kernel for all models of Sony Xperia M2
for SW 18.6.A.0.175


- Unlock the bootloader
- firmware version 5.1.1


- MultiEvent (will work on all models, and revisions)
- RIC disabled and Security
- built TWPR or CWM
- the core of stock
- for all models of M2 (LTE | 3G | Dual | Aqua)

How to get to TWPR / CWM

When enabled, the LED lights up pink (although the gamma setting is purple), press the "Volume -" or "Volume +" until the indicator light will change color to yellow.


click here

How to install

- Choose one (CWM or TWRP)
- Rename to "boot.img"
- Flash with Flashtool or with fastboot

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The link error, for M2 D2305?

The link error, for M2 D2305?