FKernel [Costum Kernel With TWRP for Xperia M2 Kitkat 4.4.4]

From freack_v on XDA Xperia M2 Forum

Version: 1.4.7
Model's: D2302/3/5/6 D2403/6  
Software: All android version 4.4.4

- The kernel has been updated to 3.4.106
- Added best governors
- Added I / O schedulers
- Added support Faux123 Sound Control 3.6
- Added support Faux123 Kernel Enhancement (not all features)
- Added support for KSM
- Added support for KCAL LCD
- Added advanced control GPU
- Added support inteliplug
- Added support intelitermal_v2
- Added zRam & swap (disabled by default, but you can include any software)
- Added support frandom
- Activate the option AIO
- New Topology CPU msm8226 (frequency shift, on / off kernels, change Governor GPU)
- Technology DFsyns and asynchronous work of memory
- Reduced the minimum value of the charging current and voltage Smart (a little more than use the battery longer charged in the investigation)
- Fixed the problem of the kernel from sony and reduce the number of unnecessary debug'a in logs kernel
- Cut Sony RIC from the nucleus and ramdisk'a
- As an integrated software test Faux'a to configure the kernel
- And much more, which is not remembered

Link download:

  • Unlock bootloader

How to executed:
  • If you already have recovery
  1. Copy to your phone
  2. Just flash via recovery
  3. Reboot
  • If you don't have any recovery on your phone
  1. Copy to your phone
  2. Extract boot.img from file zip
  3. Flash boot.img with flashtool of adb fastboot
  4. Reboot into TWRP mode
  5. Flash via TWRP
  6. Reboot

Enjoy recovery